It's been a fiery start to 2016 for Longview fire crews, but not a start they want. Eleven fires have been intentionally set by someone and put out by the Longview Fire Department since January 1st on Longview's south side.

The latest fires that were extinguished by the fire department happened on Tuesday at an abandoned nursing home facility. It was sitting empty in hopes of repair after suffering damage from a tornado last spring. The other fire that was put out was on Jean Dr. and with this fire witnesses told arson investigators they saw a man running from the vacant home that was set ablaze.

Longview Fire Marshal Johnny Zachary tells KLTV news,

This many arsons, this close together, we're looking at not only geographic, but time and different variables. We do know that vacant homes have been targeted. We have to look at so many variables. We can tell the difference between child’s play, and an intentionally-set fire. That's something we're looking at, to see who setting these fires."

Residents in the south side of Longview are becoming increasingly worried as they tell KLTV news. If anyone has any information or tips on these arsons, you are encouraged to call the Longview Fire Marshal's Office at 903.237.1210.

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