Today's conversation starts because some people find playing video games ridiculous. I see their point in one aspect. But I also think some of the things other people do in their spare time is stupid. It's all about perspective, right?

I was at the house on Sunday with a couple friends playing Madden 12 for about six hours while we ate pizza and had a couple beers. I am personally awaiting the new Madden 13 to hit stores this month like many others. My friend Bill calls and asks what we are doing. I tell him and he gets mad because he thinks video games are stupid.

But we're talking about a guy who plays chess at the park! I think that is stupid! But today I am bringing up the question for my buddy Bill. How many of us if we had time, would be a kid again and play video games on a boring Sunday afternoon with friends and beer?I don't care if you play Black Ops, Mario or Tennis on the Wii.

Are you a gamer? If so, how much do you play?

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