Mums at homecoming have been a Texas tradition for years, but as indicated in our last post about mums, most of us think it's gone a bit too far. One Texas girl spent more on her mum than most of us spend on car payments, according to WFAA News.

The mum has always been the flower of homecoming in Texas, but somewhere along the way, the tradition bloomed from a flower and a few ribbons into enormous creations that are bigger than most of our torsos.  There might even be an unspoken competition to have the biggest and the best, or at least the most tricked out, and sometimes that leads to a viral sensation in Texas that people in Vermont will never understand.

The Mum Shop has been tracking the mum homecoming tradition, and says the biggest mum boom came in the 1970s, when more people started adding bigger "ribbons, charms, bows, bells, cowbells, stuffed animals, perhaps the high school mascot, and even LED lights in some cases."  It's one of those things where, instead of asking why, it's better to ask why not.

WFAA in Dallas says one girl in Alvarado spent $600 on her mum, and it's almost as tall as she is.  The mum is five feet tall and she wore that thing all day, from 8am to 11pm.

Parents, do you set a limit on how much your kids can spend on mums?  Is it all in good fun, and the bigger the better?

Love 'em or hate 'em, it seems that mums are Texas and the tradition will continue.  More cowbell anyone?

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