There was a time in history when a Hollywood star was arrested it would be big news, well that's kinda true still, but becoming more routine for Lindsay Lohan it seems these days. She was arrested in New York City again this morning for fighting with another woman in a club.

It all began around 4 this morning inside the Club Avenue when a woman was apparently getting too close to the actress and was asked to back away and didn't and then Lindsay ended up punching the woman during the argument. According to a local tv station in NYC, the NYPD showed up after Lindsay left the club, but they caught up with her chauffeur driven car, detained and arrested Lindsay for assault, taken to the local precinct, booked for 3rd degree assault around 7:40 this morning and then released.

So it seems like being arrested is becoming more and more routine for Lindsay, but if charged in this particular case it could lead to a probation violation from her case in California, where she is on probation for her 2011 necklace theft charge. Her current probation says she must obey all laws and clearly she hasn't, but that is up to the courts to decide.

TMZ was on the scene as Lindsay was being escorted in handcuffs from her car to a NYPD patrol vehicle.

Stay tuned as things continue to develop in Lindsay's world!

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