After AC/DC's huge success with their "Black Ice" Tour, they say they are ready to make a new album and hit the road again. Great news for us -- more after the jump.


AC/DC's Black Ice Tour was amazing. It's officially the third-biggest grossing tour ever. In fact, in 2010 one in every fifteen major concert tickets was sold for that tour. How could they possibly top that? Guitarist Angus Young says, "We don't know how yet, but we will."

The band originally said they would take a break after the big tour, but it looks like they aren't stopping any time soon. Angus Young adds, "Well go out again once we have a new album out, which will hopefully be within the next couple years." So look forward to some new material coming out.

AC/DC released their movie of their live performance on tour entitled "Live At The River Plate" this week, so be sure to go out and get it. But are you ready for some more AC/DC?

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