When conditions deteriorate at shows, sometimes it can be a bit of a free-for-all, and that’s what happened in Little Rock, Ark., this past Saturday (Aug. 18) at Edgefest VIII, when several fans took advantage of the rain-soaked ground from earlier in the day and started tossing mud clumps at the acts playing onstage.

Blabbermouth reports that Staind vocalist Aaron Lewis was one of the artists who didn’t take to the idea of getting pelted by the crowd and called out one of the audience members. The singer chastised, “All right, so obviously we’re children and we can’t play in the mud. You in the baseball hat right there, with the f—ing long hair that’s hiding his face, I see you lump up one more mudball and throw it at the f—ing stage, I’m gonna have every mother—-er around you kick the f—ing s— out of you.”

Staind are currently on tour as part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, but have announced plans to take a hiatus after completing the touring cycle for their self-titled album.

Though the word “hiatus” immediately raises concerns amongst fans, Lewis explained that this did not mean that they were breaking up. Rather, it means that after touring solidly for the last decade plus, they’ll take a little time for themselves before regrouping and starting in on their next album.

Watch Aaron Lewis Scold a Fan for Tossing Mud at the Stage

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