The pandemic has created some odd shortages for sure, and now it's the opposite and there's too much of a good thing.  Since airlines don't need as many snacks these days, a Texas supplier is left with way too many nuts.

After American Airlines cut first-class food service, the Dallas Morning News says Arlington's GNS Foods suddenly has a lot of leftovers.

The Arlington company has more than 87,000 pounds of nuts and no idea if airline customers will ever want them again, according to the paper. So GNS Foods is trying to unload dozens of pallets of mixed cashews, pistachios, pecans, and almonds.

The company is selling its nuts online and even opened a retail store at its factory to try to get rid of them at the wholesale price, even though they took the effort to roast, salt, and package the nuts.  GNS Foods told the paper they don't know how long this is going to last and the airlines haven't revealed much about their future plans for nuts just yet, so they've got to look for other ways to put them to use.

Part of the joy of flying is the anticipation of those dang nuts.  You could put a bowl full of mixed nuts in front of me right now and I'd probably walk right by, but if you give me four walnuts and an almond thirty thousand feet in the air, absolutely!  The act of flying transforms them into a huge craving-quencher, and nuts are golden.

The good news is, the nuts are selling well, and that has allowed GNS to bring back all of its employees furloughed earlier in the pandemic and even hired a few extra to handle retail and online sales.

Things are looking up.

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