Grocery prices are up, and that will mean we'll have to spend more than usual on Thanksgiving dinner.  But how much more?

The price of corn has gone up and that means it costs more to feed the turkeys, and the price of gas has gone up so it costs more to deliver the turkeys to the grocery stores, and on and on.  Everything is connected, and it's going to add up to what could be the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever. I know, what next!  This news might get in the way of our gratitude just a smidge, or force us to order a pizza.

Based on prices this week, the average shopper in East Texas will spend about $50 on the turkey, green beans, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie (including the Cool Whip!)  That would be a basic Thanksgiving dinner, and then we'll double the cost because we need also need carrots and hummus, Colby jack cheese and crackers, kalamata olives, Hawaiian Sweeet Rolls, and some booze too.  Wine comes in handy when Aunt Edna starts firing off questions about why you're not married yet or when the babies are coming.  Thanksgiving is not cheap.

We can buy the frozen turkey and the pantry items now and they'll still be good when Thanksgiving rolls around. Or just use the cranberry sauce that's been on the shelf since last Thanksgiving and save two bucks.  That stuff never goes bad, right?  If we buy now, at least we'll be safe from price increases between and turkey day.


Grocery prices for common Thanksgiving staples gathered the week of November 1, 2021, on and

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