Scantily-clad, hot guys are going to be waiting tables at a new restaurant in Dallas soon. It's the all-male version of Hooters.

Comedy Central and Jimmy Fallon have caught wind of the new restaurant, and it's provided great joke material for them as you might imagine. And the restaurant is cool with it. The more exposure (so to speak) the better!

The new restaurant opens this month in Dallas, and it's called Tallywackers. The servers will be wearing tight red t-shirts and boxer-briefs.

The owner went to Craigslist to advertise that he was hiring, and guys have been lining up to audition for the role of hot waiter. Tallywackers already has 20,000 likes on Facebook and it's been teasing an opening date, but no exact date has been announced yet.

Guys, would you go eat a burger with your girlfriend at a place like this? If she's been to Hooters with you, ya might owe her one  If nothing else, it will be a hot spot for ladies nights. But no groping.

Tallywackers may also open a Houston location soon.

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