I adore dogs. With all of my heart. Honestly, it's harder to like people who don't like dogs. They're practically the epitome of all that is good in the world--unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, playfulness--one could go on and on.

However, at this point in my life I don't have the blessing of a dog. Perhaps I shall soon. But, I did want to take a moment on behalf of our feline friends.

Sometimes I think cats get a bad rap. Now, plenty of people adore them and have since the ancient Egyptians declared them divine--probably before that, too. But for some people, they see cats as unloving, fickle, ready to eat you if you die ;), even that they bring you bad luck. No, they can be delightfully affectionate companions who can instantly lower your stress levels in almost tangible ways.

For example, at the moment I'm watching one of my cats--Jasper--roll around like some like a baby on his back. He's playfully pawing the air and/or grasping his tail in his paws before rolling around again. Sometimes, when I'm walking through the house he waits for me so he can jump out and pounce upon me, his paws embracing my leg as I walk through to the kitchen. He'll follow me in there and await whatever treats I may give him.

Juniper on the other hand is a serene little beauty. She's a bit more to herself, but she's the one that seems to know when I'm sad. I never actually notice walk over, but when I look up there she will be in the chair next to me, like a tiny guardian angel.

Now just like there are some dogs out there who can be aggressive, perhaps due to the way they were raised, there are some cats with more aggressive, anti-social tendencies. That is a whole other heartbreaking conversation.

However, for the most part I can tell you that having cats in the house is one of the greatest and sweetest things about life. So when you're thinking of adopting, don't rule them out. Maybe get one of each?

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