Remember back in the 80's when vampires didn't sparkle?

For many of us, 'The Lost Boys' was an instant cult classic and remains a favorite vampire flick among many Boomers, Gen X-er's, and now, Millenials. However, like many old school favorites, this story will be getting a re-boot on the CW network. Same story, yes, but the characters and setting will be a bit different.

Instead of doing a copy-paste of the original story, those working on this new version have chosen a North Carolina seaside town in lieu of Santa Carla, aka, "Murder Capital of the World." Certainly, the characters will be recognizable playing similar roles as their predecessors, but with different names and altered story lines.

Some of the iconic roles have already been re-cast. The role of the "David" character, originally played by now super star Kiefer Sutherland, will be played by actor Lincoln Younes and the "Star" character originally played by Jami Gertz will be played by Ruby Cruz.

Other roles, including "Lucy," played by Dianne Wiest, and "Michael," played by Jason Patric have been cast, as well. Get more details on the project here.

Some are beyond excited to see this new manifestation, but others would prefer they leave the cult classic alone.

Your thoughts?

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