Does it feel like there are thousands of drivers in your way on I-20, or The Loop?  It may be true!

There are thousands of drivers hitting the road in East Texas over the next few days, and millions across Texas.

AAA Texas predicts 7.9 million people will be traveling during the upcoming 12-day holiday travel period that starts Saturday and runs through New Year's Day.  That's up a little more than one percent from last year.

Those folks will be traveling at least 50 miles from home, and the average is a 943 mile round trip.  That's like traveling to Odessa and back.

My parents, sister, and nieces are driving to Texas from their home state of Nebraska Saturday and will drive back to Nebraska on the 28th.  Be nice to them on the road, okay? My dad can't stand a tailgater and he just might tap his brakes at you.

Have a safe trip and a happy holiday.  Don't forget to pack the presents!

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