If you know when stores are moving out certain items to make room for holiday sets and seasonal products, you can save a bunch of money.  And November is a great month to score some deals if you know where to look.

I mean, really.  Who wants to mess around with 15 to 20 percent off, when there are bigger savings on the table. We're living in a month of Black Fridays with deals starting to hatch, and now is a good time to pounce on five big gift categories, according to Retail Me Not.

Retail Me Not
Retail Me Not

With Thanksgiving coming up there's a big demand for new pots and pans, but that doesn't slow down the sales. The discounts leading up to Cyber Week will offer the most significant savings, and Retail Me Not said some sales will be 30% off in-store and online, plus up to 60% off select home items.

Genealogy Kits
Maybe you've spent so much time at home with family this year, you're questioning whether or not you're really related.  Genealogy services like 23andMe and Ancestry.com help you take a deep dive into family history. I got a membership for my dad one year, and it was the best gift ever.  He discovered we had ancient relatives that had ties to the Salem witch trials, and others that had leadership roles in the UK.  Be prepared for anything.

Fall is starting to fade and winter is headed in, and that provides a great reason to shop.  We need layers, hoodies, cute tunics and sweaters, and thicker yoga pants. We'll find price drops on winter clothing, shoes and accessories in November.

Let's face it, we're wearing masks so much these days that the only place where we girls are worried about makeup is our eyes.  Retail Me Not says we might find deep discounts on skincare regimens, hair products, and makeup lines this month as stores make room for new holiday sets and seasonal product launches.

TVs, cameras, smart speakers, laptops, and tablets, are always hot items around the holidays, and with so much time at home this year they might be more in demand than ever.  We need a big flat screen in the living room for streaming movies with the family and we need tablets stashed in the closets when it's time to hide and have a moment to ourselves.  There will be savings all month, with Cyber Week being the hottest.

I've read that most people will spend $1,387 this holiday season, and if that's with a twenty percent discount, the total haul would be $1734.  Wow.  So, we may be spending a ton, but if we look hard enough, we can save a ton too.

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