There are hundreds of pets in shelters across East Texas right now, waiting for an awesome home like yours. And we have 4 big reasons why it's the perfect time to adopt at Dogtoberfest this weekend.

We adopted our super cuddly and slightly spazzy Libby in November 2016, and she is the best lap dog ever.  She curls up on my lap every time I sit on the couch, and if I get up for a second, she's right back on my lap the next time I sit down.  She's a Mini Pin-Chihuahua mix and there could be a couple of other blends in there too, we're not too sure. All we know is that she's always happy, and she's been an awesome addition to our family.

We stumbled upon Libby one Saturday afternoon as a rescue group was holding an adoption event at a pet store. She was sitting in a cage looking kind of sad and scared, and the girls gravitated right toward her and fell in love with her, and took no interest in any of the other dogs.  She was so sweet, we just knew she was the one.  And now I can't imagine Libby with any other family, and I can't bear to about what might have happened to her if she had not been rescued.

The fall is a great time to adopt!  And with Dogtoberfest happening on the square in Downtown Tyler tomorrow, you've got the chance to hang out and grab some food and drinks and hear live music, and adopt a pet too.  The SPCA of East Texas is rolling out the craft beer and food trucks along with the animals, so don't miss it!  Admission is free, and it runs from 11 am to 7 pm on Saturday.

4 Reasons to Adopt a Dog This Weekend

1.  The weather is starting to get chilly, and you need a good snuggler.  The last place a dog wants to be when it's cold outside is in a cold, hard kennel.  Get them out of there before winter hits!  The staff and volunteers at the shelters take great care of these animals, but the dogs would much rather be curled up on your cozy couch.

2.  Beat the holiday rush.  Kids will be asking for dogs for Christmas, and parents will be looking through shelters to find the perfect match to put under the tree.  What if you want that dog too?  If you adopt now, you'll have the pick of the litter, so to speak.

3.  You're saving a life.  Adopting a dog now makes more space for other dogs as they wait for their forever homes.  And they'll have their shots and they'll be spayed or neutered, so you'll be a step ahead at the vet.

4.  Dogs are fun at Halloween.  A dog loves taking walks, and if she can stroll up and down the neighborhood street with your family while you're out trick-or-treating that will make her life.  She's probably dreaming about that from a cage at the shelter right now.  Just don't let her get ahold of chocolate of course.

Go get yourself a Libby!  Your forever dog is waiting for ya.

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