When you look around at the world today, are you happy with what you see? If you are not happy with the world around you, be the change that you would like to see. Here are three quick and easy ways to change this world we share for the better today. 

I promise, these three steps are the easiest thing you will do today. They are painless, too!

1. Smile

Yep, it is that easy. Smiling at others around you will make you feel better and them too. Then, the happiness you spread on to that stranger will be spread by them and so on and so on.

This has to be the easiest thing to do to make the world better right here and now. It is contagious, completely free, and something that benefits you too.

2. Hold the Door

When you are leaving or entering a building, elevator, or any other entrance; hold the door open for the next person. This is not just for the men to do for the ladies. Ladies and gentlemen can hold the door for everyone else equally.

Everyone appreciates when someone shows the kindness of holding the door. Everyone hates when the person in front of them lets the door slam shut right in their face. Take that extra second out of your day to give a tiny helping hand.

3. Use Your Words

Saying things like, "Hi", "How are you?", "please", and "thank you" cause a powerful impact on others around you. Instead of remaining completely silent while your are checked out at the register, have a little small talk. This will brighten your day and, especially, theirs.

Saying please and thank you should not ever be forgotten. This isn't just to show respect for your elders, this is a sign of respect for everyone around you. The world will feel more appreciated if everyone spoke to each other with a little more manners.

Take these three easy and painless tips with you today. Try them out on the people around you. See if they do not, in some way, make the world a little bit better. I promise, you will notice a change and will continue these practices for the rest of your days.




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