This mother of little ones decided that enough is enough. Her home would not be broken into any more, she would protect her family. Her heroic actions saved her family from the second attempt of burglary of her home. Watch this applause worthy video. 

Three young men decided to break into the wrong house recently in Detroit, Michigan.

Once they broke down the door, they found one mean mother waiting for them with rifle in hand. She immediately opened fire and sent these foolish criminals running for their lives. One of these men thought he might be able to try again with his own gun in hand to intimidate this mommy, but he was met again with some serious shots fired.

It is horrible that this isn't the first time this mother of young children has had to act in this manner to protect her family. The video below was caught on security cameras she and her husband had to install from another attempted burglary early this year.

I sure do hope no one else tries to take from this family, but I know this mom will not allow anything to happen to her family.

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