We have been doing top hits for certain years for a while and you seem to like it, so I think we just keep this caravan truckin'. 2006 is the year we kick off for the next two weeks, so enjoy!Stone Sour is our first one in with the #2 ranked song for the year from Tunecaster. 2006 was short on great rock for some reason. But it did spawn a new generation in rock history. "Through Glass" was a fabulous song that I still play on the iPod and in the car. This was the second single off the album "Come Whatever May."

Hinder came in on the list at #16 of the best 2006 hits on Tunecaster with the jam "Lips of an Angel." This song was on their album "Extreme Behavior." It was a very cool jam and the ladies liked it. Well, lets get to voting.