If there's one thing that Tyler, Texas residents know, it's that traffic can be a nightmare sometimes. Stop and go traffic, bad drivers, constant red lights, red light runners, speeding drivers, major congestion, the list can go on and on. It can seriously be frustrating. The city can't control every aspect of our roadways but they can control some of the very frustrating congestion we can experience. Since 2019, the City of Tyler has been retiming lights in stages, which has seemed to help. More lights are about to be retimed to hopefully further improve traffic flow.

Retiming Approval

Wednesday, April 10, the Tyler City Council voted to approve $112,480 to use toward retiming 15 intersections in North Tyler. This is part of the Intelligent Transportation System Master Plan. As a part of a study presented to the city in August of 2020, a recommendation was presented that traffic signals should be retimed on an annual basis. The plan calls for retiming 15 intersections per year for six years followed by 30 intersections a year for four years.

The 15 Intersections to Be Retimed

  • West Gentry Parkway and West Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
  • West Gentry Parkway and North Parkdale Drive
  • West Gentry Parkway and North Glenwood Boulevard
  • Spur 147 and North Ross Avenue
  • Spur 147 and North Palace Avenue
  • Spur 147 and North Broadway Avenue
  • 271 and East Hillsboro Street
  • 271 and East Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
  • North Palace Avenue and West Bow Street
  • North Palace Avenue and West Oakwood Street
  • North Palace Avenue and West Erwin Street
  • South Vine Avenue at West Houston Street
  • North Glenwood Boulevard and Garden Valley Road
  • North Glenwood Boulevard and West Erwin Street/State Highway 64
  • North Glenwood Boulevard and West Houston Street
City of Tyler
City of Tyler

If you want some more details on the Intelligent Transportation System Master Plan, CLICK HERE.

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