One of the more enduring and endearing symbols of fall is the pumpkin. We usually start to think about pumpkins a little closer to Halloween but when we get that first hint of cooler temperatures like we have had this week, I wouldn't fault anyone for thinking about fall decorations.

Pumpkins are very unique and very versatile in their uses. Most of us only think of the pumpkin as being a decoration for Halloween. Or, we think of the pumpkin as being a great ingredient for a pie. Still, others like to take the flavors associated with pumpkins and put those "spices" in everything from coffee to cake to ice cream to pain-relieving rubs. Yes, there is a pumpkin spice pain relief that you can buy.

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Even with all of those options, you will still be falling well short of what the glorious pumpkin can actually bring to your table. The versatile winter squash is not only a great source of flavor but it's jammed packed with vitamins and minerals that a lot of us need in our bodies.

And to be quite honest, I always feel bad every year throwing out my rotting Jack-o-Lantern, knowing that I could have salvaged at least some of that pumpkin to make something nice for myself and my family to eat.

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So let's take a look at just how versatile the pumpkin can be. Now, let me warn you, we are going to step way beyond lattes and cappuccinos in this narrative, so be prepared and be amazed at all the things that you can do with the incredible pumpkin.

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