The Super Bowl may be played indoors on Sunday, but you should care about the forecast, anyway, because today is National Weatherman’s Day. Technically, there’s no congressional record of it being an official national day, but it’s celebrated because it’s the birthday of one of the first known recorders of weather, John Jeffries, who was born in 1744.

Why celebrate it? Because every day the weatherman, or woman, selflessly helps us plan our lives. What does everyone want to know about? The weather. What does everyone discuss? The weather. These unsung heroes of helping us dress properly, keeping us dry and telling us when to board up our windows must be celebrated.

To do this, we have found 10 of our favorite clips of weathermen and weatherwomen doing what they do best. And, just in case yours is more wrong than he’s right, we made sure there were plenty of goofs.

The Invisible Weatherman

In order to more easily display graphics, weather casters use a green screen. If you’ve ever seen a weatherman wear a green tie, you know the result is a clear view right through him. And sometimes weathermen like to play with their toys.

The Rapping Weatherman

Other times weathermen like to spice things up a bit because forecasting the weather for the same location every day can get boring. Or maybe they just wish they could get a “yeah boy” every once in awhile.

The Excited Weatherman

Some weathermen just love forecasting the weather so much that they don’t need to play with the toys or bust sick rhymes. Jim Kosek just really wants you to know what the weather is going to be that day.

The Hiccuping Weatherman

Live television does not wait for hiccups to pass. Of course, any seasoned weatherman or woman knows better than to drink a carbonated beverage before they go on. Right?

The Giggling Weatherman

The giggles are just as uncontrollable as the hiccups. We’ve all been there. You can try as hard as you want, but once the giggles have you, they aren’t letting go. Even on TV.

The Tripping Weatherman

It’s hard to point to a screen with nothing on it and then watch yourself on a monitor and aim for the right graphics. It’s even harder to watch where you’re going while you do this.

The Screaming Weatherman

You may not know this, but bugs can’t see the red “On Air” light, and if they could, they probably wouldn’t care. Besides, bugs need to know the weather, too.

The Ranting Weather Man

We saw a rapping weatherman earlier, so we know what it should sound like. This guy is clearly doing it wrong. What he seems to have a good handle on is ranting, though. Even the anchors notice enough to call him on it.

The Huffing Weatherman

Being a weather forecaster is a stressful job. You spend the majority of your time being wrong and depending on the ever fickle Mother Nature to prove you right. But really, some weathermen are just whiny brats.

Letterman and Roker

We pulled this one out of the vault. Two of America’s favorite weathermen together in front of the same chromakey wall. Former weatherman Dave Letterman crashes the set of the local news where Al Roker’s star is just rising.


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