Last summer when a long-term relationship of mine ended, the breakup process lasted three months.

Crazy I know!  End it already!

If you're thinking the relationship is probably flawed, it's probably flawed. I get all that, and it's time to cut it loose and move on. But it was hard leaving the safety and security of what we had built, there were worries about the kids' well-being, and also I was a big wimp. Now that it's over and I've been a single gal for several months, I couldn't be happier! It was a good decision. But getting there was painstaking.

Who is quicker about the decision when it comes to breaking up; men or women?

It turns out I'm a little abnormal.  This is not news to me.  But concerning breakups, women are usually lighting-fast at making breakup decisions compared to men.  I read today that it takes the average woman six days to arrive at the final decision to say sayonara, and it takes guys a month. Still quicker than me! I have vowed to break up with the next love of my life with much more haste  I must find him first, then look out buddy. Kidding.

What do you think? How long was your breakup process?