Well, another conversation started with my friends last night over which era of rock and roll was the best. The gang and I where rocking while exploring the new NCAA Football 13 video game last night and Def Leppard came on the mix CD. My buddy Todd says, "Man, the '80s had to be the best era in rock!

That's when the world erupted.

The conversation broke out in a fury of opinions of what era was better. One of my buddies said, "Oh, the '60s led the way."

And another buddy said, "No way, new rock rules the radio."

I said it was a toss up between the '70s and '90s rock eras. You've got bands from Led Zeppelin to the heart of the Grunge era.

But, we're gonna leave the vote up to you. SVote on which era leads the way to end this argument between myself and my friends. Vote now!