There are some weird people in this world. They act oddly, dress with their own sense of style, and have some uncanny habits. When they leave this world, how else would they go out but how they lived. Making the weirdest coffins and funerals. 

We all live our lives in our own way. Why should our deaths be as unique as we are, or were?

Your funeral and even coffin should be a reflection of you and your life. Your funeral should be fitting to how you would like to be remembered. But, in trying to accomplish these ideas, most people just pick a quirky song to be played on the sad day.

These folks, took the need to be unique at their funeral a little bit further than playing their favorite song.

Here we go folks. No judgement, but these are really weird.

Some of the world's weirdest coffins are modeled directly from the deceased life.

Ebaum's World

Perhaps this person was a very dedicated locksmith.



Obviously, who ever this was built for, they were a die hard fan.

Work Killer

Probably an ode to how this person died.


Because, why not?

But, the coffin is not were people stop with their creative ideas.

They want the whole funeral to be something of an event. So, how did people make this any more weird?

One guy hired a stripper for his father's funeral, another man decided to have an ice-cream truck follow them to the burial site so that guests could get a soft serve during the service, and another man was cheered into death. Literally, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was present, in uniform, and performing at his funeral.

This isn't were the weird stops, though.

People have themselves posed for their funerals. Yup, posed. As if laying in a coffin shaped like a rooster wasn't odd enough, they took it one step further. Don't believe me? Watch this.

Well, I guess folks will be folks. If you are going to leave this world, leave in your own way with style.