Last Sunday in an attempt to raise awareness women in Asherville, NC organized an rally in an attempt to break barriers and protest unfair treatment of women.  In theory this sounds like a great idea, right?  I was thinking unfair pay scale, abuse, poverty - NOT of all things to have the right to go topless.  Of all the things I am struggling against as a women it is not the fact that men can walk around without a shirt on and women can not. More after the jump.

Sunday, August 21st was national "Go Topless" day in the US -- don't worry you didn't totally miss out Aug 28th is the Canadian counterpart -- (wow that isn't on my calendar any where.) An organization organizes these events to help raise awareness.

During the protests, women will have the choice of going fully topless or wear red tape or something else to hide their (infamous!) nipples. They are also completely welcome to come and support this cause while being fully dressed if they prefer.

What do you think -- would you participate?