Your Signature Drink Says Something About You
Tis the season that many of us have a drink as part of the celebration.  Do you always have a different drink, or is there one favorite drink that you always fall back on?  That may reveal something about your personality.
Would You Drink This Out Of A Can?
Beer in a can has been around for years.  And now a hot new invention involves may revolutionize what we drink out of a can.  It's coffee-flavored wine.
Really?  This is either great news, or insane!  Pick a buzz already!
Buy Local First Holds Fundraiser Concert
Buy Local First is an group of residents and local businesses looking to change the ability of limited alcohol sales in Tyler. You may remember them from outside a large number of businesses in Tyler asking for your signature on the petition to vote for this change. They are looking to spread the wo…
Get Ready for Friday Night
It's Friday! So what are you doing to drink tonight to celebrate the end of yet another work week? Personally, I would go with a nice cold beer because it has been smoking hot outside. If your style is more classy then grab a bottle of wine. Either way here is some videos to help get you th…

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