Eddie Murphy Is Not Dead
The website, a site known for creating and spreading bogus celebrity death stories struck again on Friday. Twitter blew up with reports that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy had died.
Man Accuses Lindsay Lohan of Being a Prostitute
Actress Lindsay Lohan had a little surprise waiting for her when she arrived to a Los Angeles court yesterday. reports she was served with a lawsuit from a man who claims he communicated with her on Facebook and that she engaged in unfair business practices. Lindsay Lohan, dishonest? No way!…
TMZ Interviews Charlie Sheen
TMZ streamed a 45 minute interview with Charlie Sheen live and unedited.  The actor sat down in his backyard with TMZ staffer Mike Walters.  Sheen wore baggy black clothes and spent the entire interview smoking, going through no less than four cigarettes.  He spoke about his sobriety, the current is…