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Mace Windu Is Still Alive, At Least According to Samuel L. Jackson
As a whole, the Star Wars prequel characters were not a particularly well-liked group. You had Anakin Skywalker, the mopey, whiny young Jedi who hated sand. There was Queen Amidala, the blank royal who endured Anakin’s moping and whining and hatred of sand. And there was Jar Jar Binks who tal…
Christmas Day Movie Releases [VIDEO]
Once the kids wake up Christmas morning to see what Santa brought them and the newness has worn off, what do you do next?  Most major retailers and mom and pop stores are closed for the day, so what is there to do?  Catch a movie of course!  Christmas day is traditionally a big day fo…
Samuel L. Jackson’s New Siri Commercial Is Intense
Apple recently released a couple of commercials for the iPhone 4S and its Siri feature. Why? We have no idea. The pair of spots feature Samuel L. Jackson and everyone’s favorite Queen of Quirk Zooey Deschanel, though they never appear together. That’
Sh!t Samuel L. Jackson Says [NSFW VIDEO]
There are a ton of these "sh!t my ____ says" video's going around lately, but this one is actually pretty funny. Enjoy some of the sayings of Samuel L Jackson after the jump!