Rangers’ Player Gets Suspended for Punch
The Texas Rangers' second baseman got really ticked off Sunday when Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays tried to take him out with an aggressive slide.  The punch led to a brawl, and now a suspension from the league.  How long will Rougned Odor be out?
A Texas Team Is The Most Hated In Texas?
I like to look on the bright side and find the good in things, BUT I couldn't resist passing along this little gem I found online.
I ran across a chart outlining the most hated Major League Baseball teams for particular regions across the country and across the globe, and it turns out …
MLB Players Audition for Expendables 3 [VIDEO]
While 'Expendables 3' installment didn't have a stellar weekend at the box office, producers are already auditioning roles for 'Expendables 3'. Despite the huge and intimidating names such as Sylvester Stalone, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis and more, they didn't bring in t…