Celebrities As ‘Little People’ [PICTURES]
Every once in a while something on the internet will amaze us. It can be a well written article, a YouTube clip or even an animated gif. Rarely does a Photoshop job ever make us step back and say “that’s something we’ll never forget.”
Links That Rock — Quick Hits From Around The Web
This week, the best from around the web has Betty White rapping, cliff dives, bone dances and Archie meets KISS.
Don’t jump mon! 
That’s enough Betty White
This movie will stink
Is this heaven?
Facebook hates Courtney Stodden
Your ancestors spoke like Yoda 
Buckets of fun
Archie meets…
Hallmark Sympathy Cards for the Unemployed
With the US unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, it’s nice to know someone‘s business is thriving. In this case, that someone is Hallmark, which recently began selling sympathy cards aimed at those who’ve lost jobs.

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