Texas is Well-Represented in Rio
Of the 500 athletes competing in Rio, a good portion of them are from Texas.  They're from Houston, Dallas, Texarkana, and College Station, and they're spread out across many of the most popular events.
Jamaican Bobsled Team Song [VIDEO]
It's probably safe to say that anyone who has ever seen the movie 'Cool Runnings' is a supporter of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. And this song is even more of a reason to love them.
Olympics Shut Down City Hall Computer Systems [POLL]
Employees in Southern California are in some hot water after shutting down the computer system at LA's City Hall. An email was sent out to workers telling them to get off their computers and get back to work. It seems the employees are more interested in watching the Olympic games than working!
Badminton Players Disqualified From Olympics
You don't think badminton is hard core for real?  You better check yourself.
Eight female badminton players have been disqualified from the Olympics for supposedly trying to lose matches on purpose! Players from China, Indonesia and South Korea were accused by the Badminton World Federation…
Do You Watch the Olympics? [POLL]
Here is a constant debate I have heard people talking about over the years that we have to address today. Do we really watch the Olympics? The story starts today with another conversation that I talked about with friends and co-workers over the weekend.
USA Dream Team — Old or New? [POLL]
Kobe Bryant made a pretty bold statement a few days ago when he said this year's men's Olympic basketball team could beat the 'Dream Team' from 20 years ago. The 1992 team included players like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and one Mr. Larry Bird.…

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