Amazing! Teenager Shoots Armed Intruder to Protect Siblings
Yahoo! News has a pretty amazing story posted about a 14-year-old Phoenix boy who acted quickly and did exactly what he was taught to do in order to protect his younger siblings. It was around 4:30 on Friday (6/22) afternoon when the boy, who was home alone with his 8-, 10- and 12-year-old siblings,…
Unplugged Metal Detector Leads to Flight Delays [POLL]
I hate to fly! Besides being deathly afraid of heights, I mainly hate dealing with the crowds and security hassle at the airport. I completely agree that the security in our post 9/11 world are necessary, but it's things like this that make me furious.
The ‘Tyler Rose’ Makes Debut at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
A new 'Texas Legend' has been added to the line-up at the Texas Rangers games in Arlington! Each home game in the middle of the sixth inning you can see either the traditional dot race or the 'Texas Legends' race. The Texas Legends began alternating games with the dots last season. Up until last wee…
Pizza Vending Machines are Coming Soon [VIDEO]
The things people come up with never cease to amaze me. Get ready for something that will probably knock sliced bread from the title of the coolest thing invented. It's called 'Let's Pizza,' a pizza vending machine that promises to deliver a piping-hot pizza pie made from scratch…

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