It’s Summer, and Some Of Us are Freezing
It always happens this time of year. The weather outside gets hotter, and the temperature inside stores and office buildings gets freezing cold. But did you hear one big box store is going to raise the thermostat one degree? "Woohoo!" said women.
East Texas Is Ready To Warm Up!
Anyone else ready for warmer weather?  It seems like this winter has been colder than others, and every time it starts to warm up a little bit the 40's and 50's come right back.
But warmer weather is coming.
There were more freezes this winter than in past winters.  Are we done wit…
Texas Starts To Recover From Cold Snap
The state's power grid is getting back to normal today after Monday's unseasonably cold temperatures. Overnight lows this morning were in the upper teens in Tyler, and today's high will reach about 44.

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