A Girl Who Doesn’t Eat Birthday Cake, And Other Random Thoughts
Well here it birthday, and the reason 9 and 17 are my favorite numbers.
Birthdays are good excuses to measure progress and set new goals I think, kind of like New Year's Eve only I'm the only one who's doing it today.  Unless you're a Virgo too, and in that case you're probably making your ow…
What Was Your First Drink? [POLL]
Turning 21 is supposedly the last of the fun birthdays. People always say there's nothing left to look forward to about birthdays after that point, unless you consider renting cars or having your car insurance decrease to be fun. But if 21 is the last good one, shouldn't you make the most …
Top Birthday Videos – Our Top Five
We love birthdays -- Just another day to celebrate! So come along sing with us -- Happy Birthday to you -- Happy Birthday to you -- Ok OK we get it we can't sing -- but these videos will make your day!