Missing A Pet In Tyler, Check Here First
They are a part of our family, they're around all the time giving us love and attention, but when our pets go missing its heart-breaking to everyone, because a member of the family is missing.
Hippo Has Gas [VIDEO]
I only thought my wife had bad gas. I'll never criticize her again after seeing what this hippo does in front of unsuspecting zoo-goers. My only question is this - is it a fart or a weed eater? I'll never be able to weed eat my yard again without thinking of this video!
Baby Panda Plays Prank On His Twin [VIDEO]
These twin baby pandas manage to be completely adorable even when they are more or less trying to kill each other. These are obviously the kind of twins that don’t feel each other’s pain. Watch what happens with brotherly love goes wrong below.

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