Slash is not only currently working on a new solo album, but he is also reportedly working with Disney on a song for a cartoon.  There's no word on what the cartoon may be, in fact the only information out there on this project is what Slash wrote on his twitterMore after the jump.

Slash wrote: “doing a session with some friends from Disney… recording a rock and roll song we wrote for a very popular cartoon.”

He later tweeted: “It’s my bet Disney has never rocked so hard.”

MTV reports that Slash once compared himself to a cartoon character:

I really am a cartoon character.  Like I’ll take the top hat out onstage and it gets more response than I do.  The cartoon character thing is just a reality I’ve come to terms with and it’s always been like that ever since I was a kid.  I’ve always got weird looks, and at this point it doesn’t feel all bad.

Here's kick ass video of a Slash guitar solo. I wonder which cartoon character could pull this off? I vote for Charlie Brown.