Disney World to Start Serving Booze
Despite the tradition of Walt Disney's refusal to allow his beloved theme park to serve spirits, as Disney World's Fantasyland expands this fall, the Magic Kingdom's menu will also see an expansion: wine and beer will be available for adult patrons to drink.
‘Duck Tales’ Theme Song Gets Hard-Rock Makeover [VIDEO]
If you grew up in the late '80s and early '90s, you are probably among those who could list Duck Tales are part of their afternoon staple of TV shows.  As popular as the show was, it stands to reason that YouTube user The Human Tim would come up with a hard-rock version of the show&a…
Slash Working With Disney [VIDEO]
Slash is not only currently working on a new solo album, but he is also reportedly working with Disney on a song for a cartoon.  There's no word on what the cartoon may be, in fact the only information out there on this project is what Slash wrote on his twitter.  More after the jump.