On this day in 1996, AC/DC put on a show in Salt Palace, Utah. Over 18,000 people attended the concert.

Sadly, 3 of them never made it home. It is argued that "Festival Seating" was to blame.

Festival Seating -a practice in which promoters remove seats from the main floor of an arena or stadium and allow ticket-holders to sit or stand where they please.

This gave fans the opportunity to rush through the crowd to get as close to the band as possible. This is not an unusual practice when it comes to a rock concert. It's pretty much what you do.

But this time, something went wrong.

The crush swelled. Panic set in. Kids started screaming. Security guards lost control. Bodies began stacking up, like dominoes, in front of the stage.

Before AC/DC could stop the show, half a dozen people were seriously injured. Three were taken from the concert in comas and later died.

Autopsy reports reveal that Child--along with Elizabeth Glausi, 19, and Jimmie Boyd, 14--died of "compression asphyxiation," a condition in which the lungs are crushed so badly it becomes impossible to breathe.

Rock concerts are no doubt, an adrenaline rising experience.

It's a time and place to let go and rock out!  However, in situations like this, if proper caution is not taken, tragedy can happen.