The Red Hot Chili Peppers recently had to postpone their U.S. tour due to foot problems for lead singe rAnthony Kiedis. In an interview with The New York Times, Keidis explained a little more about the injury, which eventually required surgery.

There’s this weird bone that’s kind of in the ball of your foot, which I had broken in two on our Stadium Arcadium tour from jumping off of [drummer] Chad [Smith]’s drums night after night. It never healed. It finally reached a breaking point on tour in 2011 while I was sprinting after [bassist] Flea in a heated game of toilet tag, and something snapped in my foot.

Now, you should be asking yourself, "What the hell is 'toilet tag?" Keidis explains that as well:

It’s like tag, but if you get caught, you have to put your arm up, and someone can free you by flushing your arm.

I guess you have to keep yourself occupied while out on the road, but you imagine a rock band would be doing something a little cooler than playing 'toilet tag.' Hell, where are all the groupies when you need them?