The second countdown is over on, and the heralded grunge rockers have announced what all of us Pearl Jam fans have been waiting for: a new album.

Pearl Jam will release their 10th studio album, "Lightning Bolt," on Oct. 15. This is PJ's first record since "Backspacer" in 2009. "Lightning Bolt" will be released through Monkeywrench Records and is produced by Pearl Jam's favorite producer, Brendan O'Brien.

The first single off "Lightning Bolt," is "Mind Your Manners," which the band also released today. First impression: "Mind Your Manners" sounds like classic Pearl Jam. Heavy guitars, Eddie Vedder sounds 10 years younger and it's giving the vibe that "Lightning Bolt" is going to be lights and years ahead of "Backspacer."

"Mind Your Manners" is a short song at 2:38, but it's a jam-packed 2:38. If you're a fan of Pearl Jam hits "Do The Evolution," "Spin the Black Circle," "Even Flow" and the like, then "Mind Your Manners" is right up your alley.

Pearl Jam: 'Mind Your Manners'

Pearl Jam Announce New Album, 'Lightning Bolt'