For the second time in as many years, the vans for our radio stations were vandalized overnight. But, we weren't the only victims this time around.

Sometime last night someone (or a group) went through the neighborhood that the station is in and spray-painted vehicles, business store fronts, signs, mailboxes and buildings. Our station vehicles were unfortunately a target of bright orange spray paint because they sit in the front of the building right on the corner of the street.

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Now, I could write the caption, "What station do the taggers listen too?" because the Mix 93-1 van was the only van not vandalized! The Mix van wasn't touched because it was in a different spot when the vandalizing occurred, so we got lucky. Actually, all the station vans were lucky because the type of spray paint that was used was type of craft paint and it came off the vans rather easily with no visible damage.

This is the second time though in a couple of years that the station vehicles have been targeted by thieves and vandals. The first time it happened, the wheels and tires were removed from the vans and were left sitting on their rotors. Those suspects were caught about a month later in Sulphur Springs with the tires and wheels still in the back of their truck!

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

So, watch out, if you were responsible for tagging our station vans you might get caught, too!