While the Cowboys are getting players in and out of the hospital and the major conferences in NCAA football are shaking and shuddering (more on that in a minute).

YOUR Texas Rangers are close to wrapping up another division title and heading to the playoffs. Derek Holland dominated Oakland for his 15th win last night. The magic number for Texas has been reduced to 4. I never woulda thunk it -- but the Texas Rangers will win the West because of starting pitching. Holland, Ogando and CJ Wilson have been GREAT -- they wrap up the season with a three game series at 2nd place Anaheim. It looks like those games won't matter one bit. Playoff tix are already on sale, BTW.  More Allen McGee'ism after the jump.

Late last night word came form the Pac 12 they will NOT be expanding. No OU, no Texas, no Texas Tech, no Okie St to Pac 12. Ruh-Roh Oklaroma!!!! The Okies seemed to have put all their eggs into the Pac 12 basket. They were ready to take lil bother Okie St and T Boone Pickens's gazillion dollars with them. As before, the sticking point looks to be the Longhorn Network. Texas is getting $300 million for the network. The conferences want a chunk of that if Texas joins anyone. OU says the Big 12 is an option IFFFFFF the distribution of Texas $$$$ is tweaked and if Commissioner Dan Beebe out. As it stands for sure nobody knows WTF is going to happen!

Nobody knows who will be catching or throwing the football for Dallas this week at home vs Washington. Dez is questionable -- Miles Austin is out. I'll bet 2 US dollars that Romo will play -- at the very least Terrence Newman comes back this week. Dallas released promising CB Danny McCray yesterday to sign WR Laurent Robinson. As bad as the secondary has been, THAT move tells you the state of the WR corps. At least the game is a Monday night-er and the extra day to rest can’t hurt.