Picking back up this week on our quest to unit the genders in a peaceful -- copacetic inter-mingling. Looking for some answers about relationships -- we've got answers. (Maybe not good ones -- but we have answers!) We are going to dive into the age old question are hot juicy kisses on a guys' "OH YEAH" list or not. Vote after the jump.

So the question to guys is:


"Do you want a deep long kiss RIGHT after she has given you oral sex."

(yeah we didn't pull any punches on this one did we)


Vivian = Now its totally freakin awesome to get along long hot kiss after HE has visited the "wetlands" -- but I have never ONCE thought to give him a kiss and swap some spit after getting a healthy "dose of creme de la creme" -- kinda seems almost plah -- ick -- but if he wants it "Sure why the heck NOT!"  Is there some sort of secret and hand movement I am supposed to look for to know if I should rinse everything on down with a drink or share with a kiss?