Jonathan Davis recently took some time off from promoting their new album to visit with wounded US troops at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.  According to, Davis visited with soldiers, signed some albums for them and underwent a bomb disposal training course.

"When Korn were in Korea [in 2011], Jon asked me where he could go to hang out with troops,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Jocelin Borisow in a statement. “Since I was stationed in Greenland, I couldn't really help him.  When I found out that Korn were going to be on tour in Europe, I asked him if he was still interested in visiting the troops, and he said that he was, so I contacted the organizations on base that could help me get the right paperwork to bring him on base to visit.  The whole process took almost three months to coordinate."

While they are currently overseas right now, Korn is heading back to the U.S. for the next part of their tour, which starts on April 20 at the Lonestar Amphitheater in Lubbock, TX.