Rolling Stone magazine called him "The Most Hated Man on the Internet." The Daily Beast labeled him the Internet's "Public Enemy No. 1." Other websites consistently call him the "king of revenge porn."

The creator of now-defunct, a website dedicated to guys and girls submitting nude pictures of their exes, is now spending his time as a DJ and music promoter.

And for one day, he's going to be in the heart of the Bible Belt: Tyler, Texas, to promote a day-long music festival at The Oil Palace.

Facebook: Outrage Festival

Outrage Festival, featuring acts such as Cartel, Flyleaf, Hawthorne Heights, Cartel and Namesake among 35 other bands, is from 11 a.m. to midnight Feb. 16 at The Oil Palace. You can get more information on the festival here and purchase tickets here on The Oil Palace's website.

If you live in Tyler, you know it's strange enough that a 40-act music festival will grace the area. But, the city has largely been ignorant to the fact that Hunter Moore is coming to town.

Moore started in 2009 and within a year, traffic on the website blew up. Thousands of submissions were received from people sent Moore private, nude pictures of their exes (or sometimes themselves) that soon would be seen by thousands.

The site's traffic exploded after he made an appearance on Anderson Cooper, where he was confronted by two girls who were submitted to the site.

He has since closed the site, but remains incredibly active on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr promoting shows, himself as an artist and still receives countless self-submissions or submissions of others.

It's a lifestyle he embraces, something quite unfamiliar to a place like Tyler. As one story on Moore reads, "Because his site, by his own admission, ruins lives and costs victims their jobs, Moore has become one of the most reviled men on the Internet—a status he seems to relish."

He has been subject to attacks -- physically and technologically. One girl stabbed him in the shoulder with a ballpoint pin after her pictures were posted on, and in December the hacker group Anonymous posted Moore's personal information on the Internet. He also is banned for life from Facebook.

Moore will make an appearance at the pre-party for the Outrage Festival at 8 p.m. Feb. 15 at Crossroads Music Venue in Tyler.

How will Tyler respond? Only time will tell.

Facebook: Outrage Festival