If Kurt Cobain were still alive, he would be celebrating his 44th birthday today as he was born on February 20th 1967.  On the anniversary of his birth I put together a few suggestions how you can celebrate.

Hunt down a copy of Kurt’s very first recorded single, “Love Buzz,” which was released by Sup Pop records in 1988.

Pick up all of Kurt’s CDs from his band, Nirvana and play them throughout the day. In chronological order, Nirvana’s albums are “Bleach”, “Nevermind”  “Incesticide”, and “In Utero”. Nirvana Unplugged in New York, and From the Muddy Banks of Wishka.

Rent the controversial documentary film, “Kurt and Courtney,” from Red Box. Directed by Nick Broomfield the film reveals many unknown facts about the singer, as well as intense speculation regarding his death.

Put on a flannel, your oldest pair of jeans and revel in the easily attainable look of bed-head, you know the look.. Cobain helped create the Grunge movement which got its start in Seattle.

Look into volunteer programs that help victims of heroin abuse. During the last several years of his life, Kurt struggled with a crippling heroin addiction that affected everyone around him.

Happy Birthday Kurt - We miss you!