We're spending a whole lot of money on expensive friends and family members and sig others this time of year, and now we hear gas prices are going up to impact our budgets.  But how much?

We've had a long break from the three and four dollar-per-gallon threats to our road trip happiness, and now it looks like prices will start creeping back up again.

In the last week, gas prices have gone up about five cents, and TIME Money says we're 14 cents higher than this time last year.

The trend up will continue, but no one seems to think we'll get close to the $3 mark anytime soon.  Good!  Because we have electronics, wine, and ugly sweaters to buy right now.

Gas Buddy says Texas still has some of the cheapest gas in the country, averaging $1.95 while the rest of the US averages $2.18.  So it could be worse.