Per request of creator Dong Nguyen, 'Flappy Bird' has been removed from app stores everywhere. It turns out that there is more to life than fame for this game creator.

After shooting to the top of the app stores, 'Flappy Bird' became a serious addiction to many users - you can see what I mean here. And that's exactly why Nguyen decided that the game should no longer be available.

Because the game was so addictive to users, it was beginning to completely interfere with their regular lives. This led Nguyen to remove the game from the markets because he felt uncomfortable knowing that such uproar had been created as a result of his game.

Fortunately, for more than 50 million people, 'Flappy Bird' will remain on their phones or tablets. However, for anyone who had not yet downloaded the game, it will not be accessible on the app store again.