You know those days where you just don't want to see certain people? Problem solved. There's now an app for that.

This is not a joke, this app will actually allow you to avoid locations where there are people that you don't want to run into. Sound good to you? Check out 'Split - The Anti Social App' on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

I'm sure you're interested in this mysterious concept of avoiding people via a phone app, so here's a little more information about how it works:

  • You can select people in your contacts list that you wish to avoid
  • The app will scan the greater area of where you are to find any of those people based on their phone GPS location
  • The app will then alert you of any people you don't want to see and tell you to 'Split!'

My main question was why wouldn't I just grow up and deal with a situation where I see someone that I don't particularly want to...but the creator of the app has a decent comeback to that. He gives the example of running into your parents while you're out on a first date...that would be totally awkward. One response would be to use this app to choose a restaurant where your parents are not, but another alternative would be to tell your parents you're going on a date and give them details so that they won't crash your date. The choice is yours.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on this new app?