We're back at it again with our Old School hotty vs. New School hotty today. I was thinking of who to put on the poll last night while watching the tube and BOOM! It came to me in a vision of a hot chick with a Ferrari and a Pepsi. Ahhh, Cindy Crawford. But, she's got some tough competition.

Then a vision came to me of a hotty on the red carpet at the L.A. Film Festival, the lovely Bethany Joy Lenz.

So, let's see who you think is hotter. Old school hotty (Cindy Crawford) or new school hotty (Bethany Joy Lenz)? These are both very beautiful women in their own right but one has to win.

I think for my choice I'll have to go with old school hotty this week because Cindy has captured my night visions more than once! What do you think? Vote!