Thirty percent of people with a tattoo say the ink makes them feel sexier, but 45 percent of those without the permanent body art disagree, saying it makes those individuals less attractive.  These are the findings from a new Harris Poll that shows one in five U.S. adults have at least one tattoo.

Among those with a tattoo, 86 percent have never regretted getting one.  One-quarter say having a tattoo makes them feel rebellious, and 21 percent say the ink makes them feel attractive or strong.  Sixteen percent of those with a tattoo say it makes them feel spiritual, and nine percent say it makes them feel healthier.

One-quarter of people without tattoos say those with ink are less intelligent and not as healthy.  Twenty-four percent of all adults say people with tattoos are more likely to do something deviant.

Tattoos are most prevalent in the West, with 26 percent of adults in that region reporting having at least one compared to 21 percent of adults in the East and the West. The South had the lowest percentage of people with tattoos, 18 percent.

Eight-four percent of U.S. adults say young people should be between 18 and 21 years of age before they are able to get a tattoo without parental permission.

When it comes to other forms of body art, 49 percent of U.S. adults report having pierced ears.  Seven percent report having a piercing elsewhere on their body and four percent say they have a facial piercing not on the ear.

The Harris Poll involved 2,016 U.S. adults.

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